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Any of many phone apps can report predicted air temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, wind speed & direction.

Portland Air Quality

NOAA-Northwest River Forecast Center – Willamette River @ Morrison Bridge – velocity & depth predictions, temperature history

Additional links for weather details

Portland Wind Forecast

National Weather Service

NOAA – Tides – Morrison Bridge predictions

USGS National Water Information System – measured data, no prediction

Willamette Sailing Club – measured data, no prediction

Go/No-go Notification

If we cancel practice before arriving at the dock, a TeamSnap Alert will be sent to all GD members, usually by a msg to the TeamSnap app on your phone, or by email. (See Using Teamsnap to setup your phone for Alerts.) IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT ABOUT PADDLING, CHECK YOUR PHONE/EMAIL BEFORE COMING TO THE DOCK!

Weather CriteriaMetric
Visibility at River Surface (daylight)1150 yards or more; the Hawthorne bridge must be visible from the River Place dock
Visibility at River Surface (night)2red & green bow lights and white stern light visible from 100 yards
Air Temperature3predicted air temperature @ 9AM >= 32oF
Wind4<17mph – 10 to 12 paddlers minimum
17 to 23mph – 14 paddlers minimum
>23mph – no paddling
Storm forecast5If storm forecast includes a warning for lightning, no paddling permitted
Air Pollution6AQI > 100 – Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
AQI > 150 – Unhealthy, no paddling
River Velocity at Morrison Bridge7>2.5 fps (1.7 mph) 14 – 16 paddlers minimum
>3.0 fps (2.0 mph) no paddling
River Algal Bloom8Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, issues advisories if cyanobacteria toxin levels exceed their criteria.
River E. Coli Count9<406 is acceptable by Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Combined Sewer Overflows10If CSO occurs, Portlanders are advised to stay out of the water for 48 hours
City Severe Travel Warnings/Portland School Weather Closing11no paddling
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