image of very colorful dragon bursting out of water
Golden Dragons race team uniform

How to join Golden Dragons PDX Dragon Boat Paddling Club


-Be at least 50 years old and fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

-Pay Golden Dragons annual dues.

-Pay Golden Dragons for boat rental fees as described here.

-Be a life-time member of Dragon Sports USA ($40).


1. Complete all the steps in the Paddle with us page.

2. Start the join of the Golden Dragons club roster by emailing GD Webmaster with your preferred name (first last) and your email address.  You can complete the following registration process on your computer (recommended) or your phone.  You might have to adapt the instructions a bit to match your phone screen.

3. You will receive, usually within two days, an email (be sure to check your spam folder) prominently logo-ed by TeamSnap at your email address, that looks like this:

  • Yellow hilite is Subject line.  Click red circled link for Help if these instructions are lacking.
  • Click red bracketed button to join GD.
  • If you found this email in your spam folder, tell your spam filter to ‘never block this sender’.  All GD emails will come from this same address:

4. Choose your password and agree to Terms of Service.  Click “Continue”.

5. Do not choose “No” on the below screen.  In the rare case where your partner is to share your email addr, only create your own login.  Then contact the GD Webmaster to add your partner. Click “Continue”.

6. Answer 2 questions.  Click “Create…”.

7. Just hit “Continue” on this screen.  In the rare case where your partner is to share your email addr, only create your login.  Then contact the GD Webmaster to add your partner.

8. If you see this screen, hit “Take me to app” button.

9. You should then see this screen.  Click on the link hilited here in the red oval.

10. This screen is your Profile.  Double check information, and enter Birthday as Jan 1, <birthyr> (accurate month and day not needed).  Scroll down to the next part of the screen.

11. On this part of the screen, double check or complete the entries in the fields with the red checkmarks, make sure the checkboxes in the cyan squares are enabled, and click the button in the brown oval if it says “Show”.  No other information is necessary.

12. Scroll further down the page.  Enter information about your preferred contact person in case you have an Emergency.  Do not check the two “Private” checkboxes.  No other information is necessary. ALWAYS click the “Save” button (in the red oval).

13. Explore TeamSnap for Golden Dragons and please make a bookmark in your browser for the TeamSnap URL for your future use,

14. You must join DragonSports USA to paddle with us (lifetime membership is $40), if you are not already a DSUSA member.   Go to, and click the “Join Online” button.

  • On the “Lifetime Membership Application (Adult)” screen, be sure to choose ‘Golden Dragons’ in the “Team Affiliation” dropbox.  Continue to, and complete, the DSUSA general waiver and the payment screen.  DSUSA will notify the GD Membership Director when your DSUSA membership is confirmed.

15. If you haven’t already, please complete all the steps in the Paddle with us page.  This involves waivers and proof of COVID vaccination.

16. The Golden Dragons Treasurer will contact you about paying annual dues and boat rental fees.