long tunnel of paddles held aloft for racers to walk down
Club members and friends saluting a winning team

Want to paddle a dragon boat?

COVID Considerations

All paddlers must be fully vaccinated and FULLY MASKED during the practice, beginning at the flag-pole plaza gathering place, and stay masked throughout the entire practice, on the dock and in the boats, until they return to the flag-pole. There is one possible EXCEPTION to this masking requirement: If there are enough paddlers to safely control a boat, and all paddlers in that boat are willing to paddle with unmasked paddlers, masking in that boat may be made optional while the boat is under way.

Any one new to paddling, at least 14 years old (minors accompanied by a guardian), may paddle with us for three practices without cost. Any current DSUSA member is welcome to pay DSUSA Open Practice fees and paddle with us as often as they wish.

Please email the Golden Dragons Membership Director to arrange your first paddling date and assure the following steps are completed.

I. Each person paddling with us must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and be able to show their CDC Vaccination Record Card, or equivalent. Bring your card, or a legible photo on your phone, to the dock on your first paddling day.

2. Each person (or guardian) must sign two COVID-related waivers, one for the boat owners (Dragon Sports USA) and one for us (Golden Dragons).

   2A. DSUSA’s COVID waiver is signed online, at least by the day before paddling. Go to DSUSA’s homepage, scroll down a bit to click the large, blue button labeled “ONE TIME QUESTIONNAIRE”. During the signing process, be sure to enter your email address in the offered slot. This will make sure you receive an email with a PDF of your just-signed Questionnaire. Please “forward” a copy of that email with attached PDF to the GD Membership Director.

   2B. GD’s COVID waiver can be signed online (be sure to enter your email addr when asked).

3. Each person (or guardian) must also sign two waivers/covenants-not-to-sue, one for DSUSA and one for GD.

   3A. DSUSA’s is signed at the dock.

   3B. GD’s General waiver can also be signed online (be sure to enter your email addr when asked).

See About for paddling schedule, location and other tips.