First item with the TS mobile app the TS mobile app

-Login to TS; use blue button at the top of this page .

1. Click the Availability tab.

2. Scroll horizontally to find the column for the race/event of interest (“Rainier …” in this example). Scroll vertically to see who has signed up for the team.

3. Click the box in that column in the first row (with your name). The box could be empty or have a symbol in it.

4. You will see three choices, ‘going’, ‘maybe’, and ‘no’ pop up. Choose the one you want. You’re done.

Second item. These exertion related auras started after my open heart surgery.

Hi Larry,

That makes me wonder if it is possibly related to your heart? I know heart conditions can be a trigger for migraine aura, so with exercise I wonder if that could be increasing. I think you have mentioned this before.


Dr. Emily Riddle

Phone: 503-494-7400

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